ARC, ARC and Away 2018!

It seems that just yesterday I was blundering my way through 24in48. I read seven books in my 24 hours over the course of 48 hours. It was fun, I felt mildly accomplished, I didn’t win anything this time… but the experience was worth it, especially because I dragged two new people into the cult of 24in48.

Then tragedy struck.

I got food poisoning from mall lemonade and ended up sicker than I have ever been. Like the missing two days of work not eating for a week, unable to do anything but watch the Harry Potter movies in a complete daze kind of sick. It was a nightmare and I feel like I literally lost two weeks of my life (one from being sick and recovering and the second from catching up on all of the things I missed during that sick week). So here I am, three days into August and I realized that I didn’t wrap up July, I haven’t shared a TBR (but let’s be honest, we all know I’ve been avoiding TBRs this year) and I’ve basically been a social media ghost since the Readathon.

Image result for too many books
The inside of my Kindle… basically

So, here’s what’ going to happen. I’m going to try ARC August again. My digital pile of Advanced Reader Copies is OUT. OT. CONTROL. When I was put in charge of the YA book club at work, I signed up for Edelweiss Plus… and let me tell you, my shelf runneth over. I thought it was bad last year when I had 18 ARCs taking up space on my iPad, now I’m getting approved for roughly ten ARCs a week, and I can’t keep up.

But this time, this time I’m actually going to read AND review them as I finish… or at least write reviews that I will release close to their publication dates. I know I’m setting myself up to fail as per usual, but what is life without goals?

Here it is, my Wildly Ambitious™ ARC August TBR:

Image result for and the ocean was our sky Image result for we set the dark on fire Image result for meg, jo, beth, amy little women and why it still matters

Image result for pulp robin talley Image result for how fascism works cover Image result for toil & trouble cover

Will I read them all? Will I abandon them to feed my capricious whims? Will I end up continuing to re-read Harry Potter?  Only time will tell, dear readers.

Wish me luck!  


I did a bad, bad thing…

Waaaaaay back in June I began a “Book Buying Ban” that would end on my birthday (September 11th…Virgos amiright?!). All was going to plan, I was surviving on Book of the Month and Owlcrate and the fact that I work in a library and am literally surrounded by books all day everyday. I felt no reason spend my hard earned money on books I didn’t have time to read…

Then this week happened. Nothing particularly bad  happened, but I fell under a tough depressive episode and when that happens one of my coping methods is buying books. 

I look to books to take me away from myself when I get like this and when the books I have aren’t doing the job I find myself on Amazon with a cart full of books that spark the slightest interest, or in the middle of a Barnes & Noble arms loaded. 

I don’t do it often, but this week…well really the last few weeks…have been particularly tough. And well… this happened:

I broke my ban and bought a ton of books. I’m excited for the new additions to the family, but my wallet is sad.

Also, I know it’s no excuse, but my mental and emotional state have made it difficult to keep up with the blog, but I feel like I’m on an upswing so I should be back to posting regularly fairly soon!